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Add Commission Splits to Timesheets

Add Commission Splits to Timesheets

From version (or later) it is now possible to record commission splits at timesheet entry. When entering a timesheet users can simply click on the column labelled Splits and they will be presented with a window to enter the splits.

When entering commission splits the percentages entered must total to 100% and a maximum of 4 UserIDs can be selected.

NOTE: In order to use this feature to export the commission information to Tempaid, the Tempaid export file length must be set to 757 (which is the longer of two possible format lengths)

The feature is controlled with two parameters.

PAYROLL, Integer(33) Length of Tempaid Timesheet record.  (needs to be 757)

PAYROLLB, Flag(33) Commission Splits on timesheets.     (needs to be ticked)

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