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Multiple Pay Types for Candidate


Candidates sometimes need to be able to be booked with different pay types (PAYE/LTD, ETC). After release the system has been enhanced to allow user to select more than one payment type on a candidate and set up the relevant payment details (Payroll Refs, Addresses and Bank account details) for each payment type. 

Payroll References MUST be unique across the candidate.

NB: Once entered on the candidate, the details of a Pay type cannot be removed, just un-ticked as no longer active.


When booking any candidate with multiple payment types, the relevant payment type will need to be selected when making the booking. 

For exporting timesheet details using  Merit Export, Evertime, InTIME, Tempaid and Tempest. the relevant payroll reference will be posted depending on the pay type selected on the booking. No other exports are currently affected. 

System Setup

Parameter set RECE, Flag 29 - Multiple candidate payment types for bookings.

needs to be ticked.

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