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From version (or later) the Influence database integrates with Timesheet Portal

Timesheet Portal is a great on-line timesheet system which allows workers to enter their own timesheets and client managers to approve those timesheets.

Once approved entered hours can be retrieved into Influence for reference. 

Timesheet Portal will allow Client Billing and Worker Payroll, as well as integration with accounts systems such as XERO, SAGE or Quickbooks. (Please speak to Timesheet Portal for more info)

NOTE: You will need a license in order to use Timesheet Portal - Please contact us to ask about this. (See Signup process below).

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The signup Process

Sending Timesheets

Optional - Specified Clients Only

Optional - Repost Existing Bookings to TSP

Retrieving Timesheets


The Signup Process

1) Once you have decided you want to use Timesheet Portal (TSP) then give us a call. One of our friendly sales team can get you over a quote for the integration and put you in touch with the right people at TSP to get the ball moving.

2) After you've purchased the Influence integration license and signed up with TSP, just give us a call with your TSP details (Username, Password and Account name). Our super support team can then get the licence installed, the integration all turned on and set up for you.

3) Book some time with one of our consultants. We can run through the process of making a booking so it gets submitted to TSP and help setup any extra statuses you might want, in order to help track these timesheets.

4) Start using it.

From the Influence side of things, that's it. 

NOTE: You might want to organise some staff training on the Timesheet Portal side of things if you are taking advantage of their Payroll or Billing features - in which case speak to the lovely people at Timesheet Portal.

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Sending Timesheets

Once the Timesheet Portal integration has been setup by our team, using it is super simple. It is almost invisible to users and works in the background.

Just make a booking as you normally would, and then send a confirmation (email, text, file note) to the worker. The act of sending the confirmation triggers the timesheets to be sent to TSP.

Below is an example of one of the ways you may send a confirmation.

Having sent the confirmation, the status of the booking will be updated. When viewed on the planner the Status icon will indicate if the booking has been confirmed (and hence sent to TSP)

Optional - Specified Clients Only.

In the unusual circumstance that only certain clients need to have their workers' timesheets sent to Timesheet Portal rather than all clients, this can be achieved using a Compliance item.

Parameter TSPORTAL,Text(6) is used to hold the CODE for a compliance item that must be created.  (Speak to Influence for help in setting this up)

For each client whose timesheets should be sent to Timesheet Portal, simply go to the client record, choose the [Compliance] tab and tick the relevant compliance item.

see below

Optional - Repost Booking to Timesheet Portal (Catchup).

If you have recently switched on integration with Timesheet Portal it is possible that you have existing bookings which have already been confirmed to workers, but that have not been sent to TSP because they were sent before the integration was activated.

In those circumstances, there is an option to Re-Send existing bookings directly to TSP without the need to re-confirm the bookings.

Go to Maintenance > Temp Centre > Setup > TSP Report Bookings

You will be presented with a screen where you can choose a cut-off date, and select which bookings you wish to repost.

This will post details of ALL bookings after the cut-off date
Unposted Only
This will send details of any un-posted bookings since the cut-off date to TSP
Posted Only
This will only send details of booking that have already been posted to TSP (i.e. Re-send already sent items)

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Retrieving Timesheets

Once timesheets have been submitted and approved within Timesheet Portal, they can be retrieved into Influence. This is usually done automatically overnight by a background process (daemon)  that would have been setup when your integration was configured.

It is also possible to manually force the system to go and retrieve the timesheets if you do not want to wait.

Go to Maintenance > Tools > Timesheet Portal Import

Choose [OK] to run the import.

Retrieved timesheets can be seen within TIMESHEET Entry. They are usually given a status of TSE 

[This status for retrieved timesheets can be changed if necessary, and is controlled with parameter TSPORTAL, Text(10) ]

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Issue 1: Missing approver email address.
When using TSP every person (worker, Timesheet approver, etc) must have an email address. The message below will appear if you try to send a booking where the TIMESHEET APPROVER Contact at the Client has no email address.

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