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Policy Opting in using MS Excel

From version or later, it is possible to use an excel spreadsheet as a means of mass "opting in" to policies for candidates.

How it Works

There is a new option Maintenance > Tools > Set Optings from Excel
When chosen the system allows the user to drag/drop an excel sheet containing a column of candidate Unique_ID's plus their answers for one or more policies.

1) Drag/Drop spreadsheet onto the window.
2) Use tick-box to say if your sheet has column headings, and it so, specify which ROW that data starts on (i.e. 2)
3) Use the drop-down to pick which column in the spreadsheet contains the Unique_ID list of the candidates.
4) Use the drop-down lists at the top right to specify up to 6 Policies which are being opted-into.

5) Use the LOAD button to load the list of candidates and preview the answers.
6) *IF* it is all OK, then click the [OK] button to load these options.

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