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Worker History Tab on Client Record

After version, a new TAB has been made available on the Client record which will show details of workers who have been booked at the client.

Version (or later) - allows NEW Booking Match to be created from [Work History] tab of candidate or [Worker History] tab of a client.

Version (or later) - new Parameter TEMPS, Flag(34) allows the Booking Match' to be used to BAN a worker from site.


When opened from the TEMP CENTRE, the radio-button at the top right will default to Booked workers ( ). If changed to Placements ( ) then the tab will display details of Permanent/Contract placements made at this client rather than Temporary workers.

The [Worker History] tab shows the following information

 The name of the worker.
The ranking for this worker (Thumbs up/down)
The dates of the first/last booking for the worker at this site.
 The reference number of this worker in the Influence database.
Pay Type
The pay type for the worker (usually PAYE/Umbrella/Ltd)
Pay Ref 
The Payroll Reference number for this worker.
National Insurance
Details of the NI number for this worker.
Details of any notes recorded on the booking match. Double-click to add notes.

Additional Features

As well as displaying a lots of historically booked workers, this tab also allows a couple of other useful features.

[Excel] - this will allow users to export the displayed list of worker information directly into MS Excel.

[Add To] - this can be used to add the displayed list of workers into a GROUP. The GROUP can then be seen or displayed from the [Candidates] / [Workers] workbenches in the normal way.

From Version (or later) - Worker History tab now allows creation of 'NEW' Booking Matches. The 'STOP' column can be used to BAN a worker from site.

(Feature to BAN workers is turned on with new parameter TEMPS, Flag(34)  )

Same is true for [Work History] tab of candidate, that now allows new Booking Matches to be created, and/or workers to be BANNED from a site.

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