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Custom filters (Workbench - Enhanced Filters)

From release or later, it is now possible for users to create their own custom filters to be used on the workbench. These filters can contain complex criteria from any field within the main data tables for the workbench and can be applied to the results with a single click.  

(NB: Any filters created using the "VIEW" user will be shared and will be usable all database users.)


In the example below a custom filter has been defined to find any candidate with a birthday in November (01-Nov to 30-Nov), and has been applied to the workbench results.

How to create a custom filter

To create a custom filter, go to the relevant workbench ( [Candidates], [Contacts], [Vacancies], etc) and click on the Filter criteria, then click the [...] button.

When the Enhanced filter screen opens, create your query. You can create up-to 10 elements of the query and use the Logic Line to combine them into a single query.

To save the query as a Custom Filter simply give the query a name using the Filter Name field at the bottom of the screen, and then press the small icon to save it as a custom filter.

When defining custom filters the What column can be used to select from a predefined set of fields such as age, current employed, notice period, NI Number, etc.
It is also possible to select DATA, which will then allow you to specify ANY field from the table. An example of enhanced filtration using DATA is shown below.

To find out more about how to construct enhanced filter queries please see our article HERE or search for Enhanced Filter using DATA fields

Using a Custom Filter

The newly created filter will appear in the Filters section to the left of the workbench.

To apply one or more filters simply select them and then press [Go] or [Refresh] at the bottom of the workbench. Selected filters are indicated with a tick.

Note: If you have selected more than one filter, then both filters are applied using <AND> logic. For example candidate need to have a November birthday <AND> an address in Kent, Surrey or Sussex.

Creating a Shared Filter

It is possible to create shared filters which will be available to all users of the system in the Shared Filters section. These are created by logging in as the 'VIEW' user and creating a customer filter in the normal way.

Shared filter are used and applied in the same way as individual custom filters.

Examples of Custom Filter Definitions

Example of a filter definition to select candidates based upon their birthday

Example of a definition to find candidates aged between 18-21

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