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Macro Manager available from [Journals] workbench

From release (or later) a new feature has been added to the Journal Workbench. It allows you to create GROUPS of either candidates or contacts based upon a journal search.
This feature is only available if you are using Journals v2. Older systems using version 1 would need to update to Journals v2 before the feature becomes available.

How it Works

From the [Journals] workbench you can run a search to identify individuals who have received a particular Journal. Common things to search for are Subject, Method (email, Telephone, etc.), Date Range or Call Type.

Having identified particular journals the workbench will display a list of results.
Users can click the MACRO button at the top of the screen to pass the relevant individuals into the Macro manager. The system will prompt the user to choose Candidates or Contacts.

Once in the Macro Manager the system will display a list of the relevant individuals so that they can then be sent another email, or have a journal (e.g. File Note) recorded.

NOTE: In the case of Contacts, the system will only pass across people who are contacts BASED at companies. 

Note: When you first open the macro manager the default 'Method' will be set to email, and so any contacts who do not have an email address will not be displayed - but changing the Method to 'T' (Filenote) will display these contacts.

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