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Database Security by IP Address or MAC address

After version it is possible to specify particular IP Address ranges, or individual MAC addresses which are allowed to connect to the database.

If a user attempt to connect to the database from a non-approved IP address or a non-allowed MAC address, then a warning message will be displayed an access to the database will be prevented.

Restricting Access by MAC Address of IP Address.

Login as a suitably high-priority user (e.g. "ADM")
Choose Maintenance > System Maintenance > IP and MAC Address Security.

Once the option opens you may enter specific MAC addresses which should be allowed access, or IP Address ranges.
When done click [Apply] or [OK] to save your changes.

NOTE: When adding these always remember to add your own MAC Address and/or your own IP Address to the system otherwise you could end up being locked out of the system with no way to correct this.

Having added the enhanced security, if anyone attempts to connect from a non-approved MAC address and/or IP address, the system will display a message as below.

The message contains details of the MAC Address (Physical Address) and the IP address from which they are attempting to connect, so that these can be added to the approved list if required.

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