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Margin Report

A new Margin Report has been added to the software and will be available after version From Version1.00.20.099 (or later) the report is accessible from the [ADMIN] tab to make it more easily accessible.

The report will allow users to generate a report showing the TOTAL Margin between two dates, split between different TEAMS. It is possible to drill-down into the displayed information to get further breakdown about specific individuals or sites.

There are several tabs of information relating to PERM placements, Contracts and Bookings (Temps).

System Setup

From v1.00.21.099 the item can be displayed in the [ADMIN] section of the system and is controlled with parameters;

PRO-ADMN, Priorities(10) - Priority level for access to this option
PRO-ADMN, Glossary(4) - Name for the option (Default is 'Margin Report')

Access to the option can be controlled with a priority level as above, or a specific User list, by utilising the User Access Control (UAC) feature. 

How To Run the Report

Choose Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Margin Report or

ADMIN > Margin Report  (after v1.00.21.099)

Once the report opens, select a date range, then press [OK] at the bottom right to generate the report.  Having generated the report several tabs will be displayed.


This tab will show the total margin for the selected period, split between Perm, Contract & Bookings

Using the [+] it is possible to expand the TEAM selections at the left hand side to see more details about individual members of each team.


This tab will display details of the Margin made from PERM placements during the selected period. Once again it is possible to drill-in and find more information about sections of the report using the [+] buttons.


This tab displays information relating to any contract placements made during the selected period. It is possible to drill-in to the information by using the [+] displayed within the information grid.


This tab will display margin information relating to any bookings for Temporary Workers which have been recorded on the system. As with the other tabs, it is possible to drill-down into more detail about the financial information using the [+] button to expand the relevant sections of the report.

Exporting to Excel

At the bottom left of each tab is an [Excel] button.  This will allow users to export the content of the selected tab into MS Excel for further analysis.

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