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IQ Report - Bookings below Minimum Wage


This report will list details of Temp Bookings (days) created where the 'Basic' pay rate is below the minimum wage.

The report will prompt users to enter a minimum wage and will then list all bookings where the BASIC rate is below this value.


Notes/Special Features

The report looks at any bookings (days) which will occur on or after 1st October 2015.
The report prompts for a cut-off date for bookings.
The report will prompt for a rate and will look for bookings below  the entered rate
The report is based on the 'Candidate Booking Records' file.


If you enter the rate as the 'under 25' rate, then the system will find any bookings which are below this value. In SOME cases, these booking are OK because they are for workers who are under 25, but in some cases they will need to be reviewed (The report shows the AGE of the worker, so you can check if the rate is suitable for their age.) 

To check the relevant minimum pay rates please see the Government web site.


The report can be installed on Influence Professional systems from version or later by downloading the report attached to this article, then Dragging/dropping the report onto the [I Query] workbench within the [Admin] section of the system. For more information about installing IQ Reports, please Click Here



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